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What Are The Plastic Molds When Processing?
- Sep 19, 2018 -

The multi-axis NC machining center has small volume and reduces the number and area of fixtures and fixtures. Although the price of single-machine equipment in multi-axis NC machining center is higher, the workshop area greatly reduces the cost of equipment maintenance because of shortening the process chain and reducing the number of equipment, fixtures and fixtures.

The integration of multi-axis NC machining process not only improves the machining efficiency, but also can clamp the mold parts only once in the whole machining process, so it is easier to ensure the machining accuracy.

Shorten the development cycle of new plastic mold products. Pen, automotive and other enterprises, mold and mold shape of some new products are complex, high precision, with high flexibility, high precision, high integrity and complete multi-axis NC machining center processing ability is to solve the new product development process mold parts processing accuracy and cycle It is a good way to shorten the development cycle and improve the success rate of new products.

The complete processing of multi-axis NC machine tool greatly shortens the production chain, and because only one workpiece is assigned to the processing task, not only the production management and scheduling are simplified, but also the transparency is improved obviously. At the same time, because of the shortening of the production chain, the quantity of products must be reduced, so as to simplify the production management and reduce the cost of production and operation.