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Analysis Of Processing Characteristics Of Plastic Mold
- Sep 19, 2018 -

As a special process equipment, plastic molds have the same mechanical properties as other manufacturing industries. However, it is difficult to make large plastic molds and plastic molds have their common characteristics.

1. The whole piece of plastic mold is produced according to the customized product variety. Each molded plastic mold has only a fixed plastic product. Therefore, the cost of plastic molds produced is relatively high.

2. The plastic mold processing technology is relatively concentrated. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of the plastic mold processing progress, simplify and process turnaround time.

3, plastic mold production quality requirements, because the accuracy of plastic mold directly affects the precision of plastic products. As long as high-precision plastic molds, plastic products, fine in order to reach compliance.

4. The diversity of individual plastic structures will inevitably lead to complex processing of plastic molds.

5, complex plastic mold processing conditions, different plastic molds, the hardness of the use of mold steel is not the same, high hardness, processing equipment requirements.