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The development trend of plastic mold
- Sep 19, 2018 -

In recent years, plastic mold technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, especially 3D printing, but we also want to know what will be the development direction of plastic mold technology in the next few years. Mould research has been innovating mold technology for decades and has basically mastered the future. The main development direction.

Intelligent mold: At present, in the plastic mold and die-casting mold industry, mold cavity pressure, temperature, flow, and cooling process intelligent control molds have emerged. In addition, intelligent processing equipment is also rapidly promoting the intelligent manufacturing of molds. Commercial Internet molds and their industries Chain extension: At present, many companies also have Internet docking tool processing equipment, trying to establish a "mold manufacturing + Internet" model, effectively promoting the transformation and upgrading of the mold industry.


3D printing is widely used in mold manufacturing: 3D printing is a new trend in the development of mold cavity molds. The increasingly reduced material combination manufacturing technology of metal materials is an important direction in the field of 3D printing. Currently, it is formed by 3 layers of layered materials. High-precision manufacturing of complex metal parts based on high-speed milling of thickness-thinning materials.


Mold integrated manufacturing unit technology popularization: mold in addition to automatic feeding, stamping, lamination thickness measurement, grouping, core and product output combination, such as the function of hinge assembly connection, as well as complex motion structure, mold heating, forging, thermal local control, Mold welding, tapping, internal injection molding, die cutting, mold inspection technology combined process. In particular, the plastic mold exhibition in Guangdong is eager to pencil, boron steel mold hot cutting and motor core to change the cutting edge of new technology, logo A new era of mold integrated manufacturing units. Mold products continue to develop in the direction of large, sophisticated, high performance, integrated production.


Refinement of mold standard parts: In recent years, with the improvement of mold types and requirements, mold standard parts have become an important condition for mold enterprises to participate in international competition. There are many varieties, and classification is the mainstream of current mold standard parts. The more traditional standard parts are. The more the quality, the higher the quality requirements. The new functional structure standard unit and flexible manufacturing standard parts have become more and more important, becoming a new way to promote high-tech and innovation capabilities.