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Several requirements for materials used in plastic molds
- Sep 19, 2018 -

With the development of modern society, plastic products are used more and more widely, and can be said to be everywhere in our lives. There are also increasing material requirements for plastic molds. What are the requirements for the materials used in plastic molds?

1, good wear resistance

The gloss and precision of the surface of the plastic mold material are directly related to the wear resistance of the cavity surface of the injection mold. Especially when some plastics are added with glass fiber, inorganic filler and some pigments, they are together with the plastic melt. The idling motion in the flow channel and the cavity is very resistant to the surface of the cavity. If the material is not wear-resistant, it will wear quickly and the quality of the plastic part will be harmed.

2, high corrosion resistance

Many resins and additives have a corrosive effect on the surface of the cavity. This corrosion causes the surface of the cavity to corrode and fall, the surface condition deteriorates, and the quality of the molded part deteriorates. Therefore, it is best to use corrosion-resistant steel or chrome-plated, nickel-plated surfaces on the cavity surface.

3, excellent standard stability

At the time of injection molding, the temperature of the injection mold cavity is above 300 °C. For this reason, it is best to use tool steel (heat treated steel) that has been properly tempered. Otherwise it will cause changes in the microstructure of the material and then form changes to the standard of the injection mold.

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