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Intelligent plastic mold technology
- Sep 19, 2018 -

Plastic mold companies no longer meet the competition of homogenized mature technology molds, but more and more attention to the differentiated needs of users. Such as the transfer of custom mold technology, can provide users with a personalized product appearance, to achieve a set of mold production of a variety of appearance products. It can provide users with differentiated mold technology, such as double materials, high light, etc., and the application is more and more extensive.

Mold technology is more focused on meeting the needs of users in various industries, and developing and manufacturing molds according to the characteristics of industrial products. For example, in the automotive industry's plastic molds, the company pays attention to the user's requirements for the deformation of the parts, increases the R&D investment, and adopts the methods of test mode verification, product structure optimization, and CAE simulation analysis to form an effective solution to solve the deformation problem of the parts. Increased the satisfaction of industrial users. In recent years, Shanghai Plastic Mould Factory has been meeting the mainland market with a rate of less than 74%. The large, precision and long-life molds have a lower satisfaction rate, estimated to be less than 60%. At the same time, molds in industrialized countries are accelerating their transfer to China, and international procurement is increasing, and the international market is promising. The market demand is strong, production development is still difficult to keep up with, and the situation of short supply will continue for some time.

The pace of internationalization of mold enterprises is getting faster and faster. Many companies have introduced and absorbed mold technology from developed countries by taking orders from abroad. For example, the fuel tank's six-layer blow molding technology, the company invested more than 4 million yuan, custom blow molding equipment, the development of this technology, the quality reached the level of similar molds in France.

The intelligent mold can provide the best experience for the mold users. The exhibitors have made great breakthroughs in technology research and development, such as mold cavity pressure and plastic temperature induction feedback technology, which can put the mold in the "black box". The information is displayed to provide real plastic flow data for solving the intelligent production of molds. The mold production information management technology can acquire the position and production data of the mold through the induction module on the mold, transmit it to the cloud server through the Internet technology, and use the data analysis system to manage the mold.