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Basic structure of injection mold
- Sep 19, 2018 -

The basic structure of the injection mold can be divided into seven parts according to its function: molding parts, casting system, guiding mechanism, ejection device, lateral parting and core pulling mechanism, cooling heating system and exhaust system.

1. Molded parts It refers to the parts that make up the mold cavity.

Mainly include: punch, die, core, forming rod, forming ring and inserts and other parts.

2. Gating system It refers to the plastic flow path from the injection molding machine nozzle to the cavity in the mold.

The ordinary pouring system is composed of a main channel, a runner, a gate, a cold hole and the like.

3. In the plastic mold, the guiding mechanism mainly has the functions of positioning, guiding and bearing a certain side pressure to ensure accurate clamping of the moving and fixed molds. The clamping guide mechanism is composed of a guide post, a guide sleeve or a guide hole (directly on the template), a positioning cone surface and the like.

4. The ejector device mainly plays the role of ejecting the workpiece from the mold, and is composed of a ejector rod or a top tube or a push plate, a ejector plate, a ejector pin fixing plate, a reset rod and a pulling rod.

5. Lateral classification and core pulling mechanism.

6. Cool the heating system.

7. Exhaust system.