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Automotive industry requirements for manufacturing plastic mold products
- Sep 19, 2018 -

1. The product needs to have a detailed description: material, wall thickness, surface requirements and number of products.

2. The product supplier needs to feedback the product parting line and gate location to the technical center product engineer and mold engineer. The parting line and gate location need to be recognized by the automotive product engineer and the mold engineer; the supplier is not written by the technical center. Under the premise of consent, the product shall not be modified; the parting line on the product shall be well matched, and the mold parting line appearing in the visible area shall be flat, not obvious, and the parting line breakage shall be within 0.05 mm.

3. The visible area of the outer surface is not allowed to appear in shrinkage, short shot, flash, top print, pressure mark, weld mark, strain, bend, spot, stain, wave pattern, bright spot and other defects; Allow injection molding with recycled plastic.

4. Leather grain requirements: For plastic parts with skin texture, the product supplier must feedback the minimum draft angle of the skin texture and the structural form recommended by the product in the early stage; the technical center only confirms the status of the light board parts and molds after passing. Only the skinprint permission report was issued. The skin texture supplier must be recognized by the technical center. The recommended skin texture suppliers are Jialong and shed Zeguang.

5, paint parts and electroplated parts: For these plastic parts that need to be treated, the technical center product engineer needs to first approve the light board parts, and then approve the painted and electroplated products.