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Wheel Fender, Splash Shield,Mud

1.Automobile lightweight mould solution
2.Wall thickness 0.8-1.2mm
3.short cycle time
4.High efficiency and low moulding cost

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Product Details

In recent years, with the requirements of the big environment, the lightweight of automobiles is an inevitable trend and requirment of energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection.Therefore, the technical capabilities of the mouldmaker are particularly important.

Zhejiang Mould Factory as a professional mouldmaker which has nearly 40 years of automobile mould experience, would providing a full turn-key solution, we aim service the needs of our customer base, offering services that can take your project from design, through to manufacture, assembly and dispatch.

splash shield mould structure is simple, but the product is too large, only the wall thickness of 0.8mm requires the processing precision of each part and process of the mold to be very high. Otherwise, the wall thickness of the product of 0.8mm cannot be guaranteed, which may cause problems such as filling dissatisfaction or flashing. 

To ensure the manufacture precision, as injection moulding specialists our two workshops are fitted with both 3 and 5-axis CNC machines.



The traditional hot runner method has not been applied to this thin-walled splash shield.At the same time, pay attention to a number of technical details, otherwise it will cause problems such as peeling, air bubbles, and burning.




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